The best looking aircraft ever

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The best looking aircraft ever is theĀ Kelvin 40 by Marc Newson. That’s what the future should look like.


Searching for Paradise

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Artist Shuichi Nakano’s “Searching for Paradise” paintings depict Godzilla-sized animals towering over the urban sprawl of Japan. via pinktentacle

Carl Kleiner

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Great photography by Carl Kleiner, but these product sets with flat backgrounds really caught my eye. Represented by Agent Bauer, from Stockholm.

Ty Segall – CENTS

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Great song, crappy video. I love it.

Jon Hopkins – Insides

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Amazing live performance video for Jon Hopkins. All the editing and post-production was analog, using old vcrs, tvs, screwdrivers and magnets.


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Minimalist Music Video Posters

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Minimalist music video posters, by Federico Mancosu (who also did more minimalist posters for some classic italian movies).

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